Transitions Rochester was a photography project which originated during the exhibition Nature as Artfice in the George Eastman House of which Snelweg>Highways in the Netherlands was part of. During the installment of the Snelweg installation Theo Baart and I had conversations with Alison Nordström (Curator of Photographs at GEH) and the photographer Rick Hock (curator of VSW) on an international photo-project which would explore Rochester NY, the former company town (Kodak) dealing with urban sprawl, high unemployment rates and poverty.

We invited the local photographers Greg Halpern, Oscar Palacio and Juliana Muniz (who invited Jason Bernagozzi, FUA Krew and Dan Varenka) and the Dutch photographer Andrea Stultiens.

Transitions Rochester was exhibited in several forms during 2011 and 2012 in the George Eastman House (GEH), Visual Studies Workshop (VSW) and the Rochester Contemporary Art Center all in Rochester NY and in FOTODOK in Utrecht, Netherlands.
As a result of the project a set of six cahiers were published by Visual Studies Workshop Rochester in collaboration with Fotodok Utrecht. You can buy the set here

I will add more images from my contribution to the project Inner Loop soon.