The village of Nagele in the Noordoostpolder is a striking example of postwar planning in the Netherlands: a new village on reclaimed land. The village was intended for agricultural laborers and was designed and built in a single grand gesture by architects as Aldo van Eyck, Gerrit Rietveld and Mien Ruys.


30 years after the village was built Theo Baart and I photographed there for the first time resulting in the book "Nagele N.O.P." (Fragment publishers, 1988) and 20 years later we went back to look at the changed village in it's fifties anniversary year with resulted in a second publication "Nagele revisited" (Ideas on Paper / NAi publishers 2006) in which we combined scanned images from the family albums of the pioneers from the first years of Nagele with our photographs made in 1987/1988 and 2005/2006.